self care revolution


Hey girl, I see you over there working your ass off!

Your hustle is what drives you, 

you want to kick your 9 to 5, BUT you’re paralyzed with the overwhelming task at hand.


I know a little something about paralyzing fear.

It’s where once stood a confident woman in her expertise,

now suddenly you feel like you don’t have the competence to truly help your client.


The fast paced market makes you feel drained. 

You’re afraid of not being loved or accepted when you show up as your powerful, sparkly self.

Keeping up with marketing trends is exhausting! 

That's when your brain finds the perfect solution to your problem right?

Keeping you distracted with busy work!

Invented to make you feel productive,

but basically getting you NOWHERE except feeling like you need a nap!

You may have killer marketing strategies are BUT...

Your fears and self doubt aren’t going away.

And they’re what’s actually holding you back! 

I know, I’ve been there!

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Elle - getting clarity on your purpose

Hi there, I’m Elle.

An introverted intuitive self care whiz and,

Creator of the Self Care Revolution tailored for the boss babes of our generation!

I understand the importance of living according to your own terms.

FREEDOM, flexibility & work that you LOVE!

Those things are made possible by accepting yourself AS YOU ARE & tapping into your unique super-strength.

Gaining clarity on my personal super-strength gave me the luxury to tailor my business around my lifestyle and not the other way around. 

That’s when I understood that being an entrepreneur can only equal freedom if…

I made myself a priority!

So, now I have a couple of questions for you...

◊◊◊ If there was a roadmap made easy to use to guide you through your fears and giving you the tools to crush them, would that be useful to you?

◊◊◊ Would you like a simple way to constantly stay on top of your game without feeling exhausted and eliminating that feeling of overwhelm?

◊◊◊ What if there was a way to design your business around your life, which gave you all the freedom and flexibility you crave, would that feel great? 

If you've answered YES to these, you're in the right place !

I'm incredibly GRATEFUL to have the opportunity to SHARE my step-by-step blueprint to discover your unique SUPER-STRENGTH.


So you have your killer marketing strategy and

you know you have something amazing to offer the world.

What now?

Just looking at that To Do makes you want to take a big ol’ nap!


I know that having all the knowledge & tools isn’t enough to succeed in this noisy world.

I also understand the value of having someone in your corner,

mentoring, cheering, and strategizing with you.

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Now, I want to know more about you...

What’s your unique super-strength?

What does your ideal boss babe lifestyle look like?

What are your financial freedom numbers?

What are you doing to prioritize yourself in your business?

Who are your dream clients and where will you find them?

Let's design your FREEDOM roadmap!